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About Deffenbaugh Insurance

Adam DeffenbaughDeffenbaugh Insurance is a family business based in Charleston which was started by my father, John Deffenbaugh, who has been helping the senior insurance market since mid-80s. 

Today, we specialize in Medicare plans, cancer and final expense Life Insurance. Since 2011 we've been serving Central and Southern Illinois and would be honored to assist you with your needs. Call or email us today!

Get To Know Adam Deffenbaugh

  • Growing up with a father who worked in the insurance industry, I saw the opportunity to help more people and eventually ventured in the same industry in 2011, serving clients in Central and Southern Illinois.
  • As an insurance broker who specializes in Medicare, my goal is to provide exceptional services to seniors by sitting down and explaining to them the many options they have.
  • I was born and raised in Illinois, and I went to Eastern Illinois University and graduated in 2003.

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